The town of Primorsko is a large Black Sea resort and has excellent qualities for a holiday at the sea combined with a lot of fun. Its location near the Ropotamo Reserve and the ancient sanctuary of Begliktash provides plenty of opportunities for nature walks and visits to historical monuments. The city is popular with tourists because of the folk festivals that take place here in the summer. The place offers a variety of attractions that make it suitable for a quiet family vacation and for a stay with an active nightlife with many parties and fun. The town is 50 km south of Bourgas, 18 km south of Sozopol and 15 km north from Tsarevo. There are regular buses to the neighboring resorts as well as a bus to the capital. Primorsko offers a wide choice of accommodation - hotels, guest houses, apartments for rent, small family hotels, rooms, villas and bungalows - the bed capacity is over 500,000 beds. There are also many restaurants, fast food restaurants, taverns, bistros, pizzerias, bars and discos to suit every taste. There are many attractions for tourists' leisure, including boat trips along the Ropotamo River, water park, water skiing, surfing, jets, boat trips, flights with small sports planes from the airport in Primorsko and more. The beaches of Primorsko
They are one of the longest along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, their total length is 5 km and their width reaches 100 m.
North Beach
The length of the northern beach is 2.5 km, and its clear waters and clean, golden sands attract thousands of tourists every summer. Behind it are the sand dunes of Stamopolu declared a natural landmark and part of the Ropotamo Reserve. Their height reaches 3-4 m, and rare sand plants grow on them. Behind the beach is the Stamopolu swamp, which gave the beach its name. From the Greek word "στόμα" (stoma) means mouth. This is connected to the underwater spring, which is at the bottom of the swamp and connects it to the sea. Like the mouth, it draws in seawater and infuses it into the swamp, thus constantly refreshing it.
In the northernmost part of the beach is the building of the former residence from socialist times "Pearl". It is currently unusable. The section of the strip closed by the two breakwaters is called Little Pearl Beach. Behind the beach there are meadows and forest and the idea of camping on them seems attractive to some tourists. Unfortunately, this is not allowed and those who dare to set up the tent can be fined. South Beach
On the south side of Primorsko is the beach "Devil's Bay", 2.4 km long and reaching the International Youth Center Primorsko (MMC). Its features are no less attractive than Stamopolu Beach and it is also a very popular beach spot. . Those who prefer bungalows as accommodation can rent ones behind the beach, around MMC.
The name "Devil's Bay" should not be interpreted as a bad omen, it is associated with the Devil's Swamp, which is located nearby. Since of its area only 1 decare is water, and the rest are bogs and reeds, only the Devil could do in them, as the locals used to say in the past.
Because of the swamp, it is also called the river whose mouth is here. It is crossed by a specially designed small pedestrian bridge. It is this Devil's River that plays a key role in the old name of Primorsko. In the past, the bridge was wooden, part of the important coastal road connecting Anhialo and Sozopol to Constantinople. From its foundation in 1879 until 1934, Primorsko has been called Kupriya, which in Turkish köprü means bridge.
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