1. The rules determine how you use the website.
2. The administrator of the website (Website) is the Balkan Investment Center "Menada" Król-Krajewska, Krajewski Sp.J., with its registered office at ul. Osiedle Piastowskie 6A / 4, 62-200 Gniezno with NIP 584-260-87-04, Regon 220387454, operating in Bulgaria under the name Балкански Инвестиционен Център "Менада" Крул-Крайевска with ul. .к Слънчев Бряг, сгр. "Глобус" 1, ет.5, ап.2, BULSTAT 177049032 called abbreviated MENADA.
3. Customer service office:
a) in Poland, it is conducted at the following address: 5/5 Garbary Street, 61-866 Poznań,
b) in Bulgaria: Persani Complex, Menada Apartments, ground floor office, Sunny Beach 8240.
4. The rules set out the rights and obligations of Website Users, both persons making the Booking, Registration on the Website and other activities on the Website.
5. The rules have been developed based on applicable law, in particular taking into account:
a) The Act of 10 May 2018 on the protection of personal data (Journal of Laws 2018 item 1000),
b) The Act of 30 May 2014 on consumer rights (Journal of Laws of 2014 item 827),
c) The Act of 18 July 2002 on the provision of electronic services (Journal of Laws of 2002, No. 144, item 1204),
d) The Act of April 23, 1964, the Civil Code (Journal of Laws of 1964 No. 16, item 93, as amended),
6. Using the Website means acceptance of the Rules and confirmation that the User has read the terms, understands them and undertakes to comply with them. Acceptance of the Rules is tantamount to consent to conclude an agreement with the Administrator for the provision of electronic services - in accordance with the Act on the provision of electronic services.

1. The website is the property of the Administrator, he has the right to make changes to it, add, modify and delete content, and all collections on the Website, its name, functioning and data are protected by law. Reproduction, transfer, distribution or saving on any media without the prior written consent of the Administrator is prohibited except as described below. Website users have the right to view the pages posted and save them on the computer's hard disk in the form of temporary files. In addition, the user has the right to print selected pages for his private use. The right to use the entire site is restricted to private and non-commercial uses. The use of materials designated as 'press' is allowed provided that the source of information is cited.
2. The website is made available by the Administrator in the state in which the User receives it from the hosting server. The Administrator makes no guarantees as to the availability of the Website. Availability may be restricted or terminated at any time without notifying the user.
3. The website is for personal and non-commercial use. It may not be used otherwise than for personal and non-commercial purposes. It is prohibited to use any automated systems or software to obtain data from this site for commercial purposes (so-called "screen scraping"), as well as to provide or operate links to this site without the prior written consent of its owner.
4. Information, data and materials made available on the Website are protected by copyright, database rights or other intellectual property rights.
5. The Administrator reserves the right to take all necessary actions, including taking legal action, without notifying the user of this fact in the event of any unauthorized use of this website. The administrator makes every effort to ensure that the website does not contain errors and deficiencies, however, the Administrator does not guarantee that obvious errors, deficiencies or errors on the website do not occur. Obvious mistakes, errors and omissions cannot be the basis for claims.
6. The Administrator reserves the right to change the content of the site at any time by disabling previously available pages and including new pages. The Administrator does not take any responsibility for events that occurred while browsing the Website's subpages. A given offer is only available when it can be booked through the website at the time of its submission on this page.
7. In order to improve the functionality of the website, there is a probability of placing hypertext references to third-party online resources. In this case, the User should read the legal restrictions applicable to these resources.

1. Administrator - the entity indicated in Chapter I. point 2 of the Rules.
2. Contact form - an electronic path to contact the Administrator to make a reservation.
3. Password - a unique string of characters set by the User to log into the Website's Customer Area.
4. Account in the Customer Area - an individual account available to registered and logged in Users in the Customer Area.
5. Login - User's e-mail address provided during Registration to the Website.
6. Rules - the conditions of using the website and the provision of services by the Administrator.
7. Registration - an action performed by the User consisting in the creation of an individual Account in the Customer Area on the Website.
8. Booking - submitting a reservation of the Apartment available on the Administrator's Website. The booking is tantamount to reading and accepting the Regulations of the Handing, Use and Collection of the Apartment as well as the Privacy Policy.
9. Website - the website and all related subpages located at, also at other Internet addresses at which the Administrator runs the Website, which is the property of the Administrator.
10. Seller - the Website Administrator, who performs the Service for the Customer.
11. Customer Area - a service made available as part of the website, available to registered and logged in Users, enabling direct access to information (including reservations made by the User) and service management.
12. Agreement - an agreement for the booking of an apartment concluded between the User and MENADA through the Website in electronic form under the conditions set out in these Rules.
13. User - a person using the Website - a natural person who has full legal capacity; a legal person or an organizational unit without legal personality, with rights to legal acts granted by the Act, using the Website. The Website User may also be a person who does not have full legal capacity, with the consent of the legal guardian.
14. Apartment - a room or rooms rented by the Owner constituting his separate property in Bulgaria, intended for short-term stay of people, separated by permanent walls within the building, used for the purposes of the Owner and the User.
15. Owner - a natural or legal person having the right to real estate in Bulgaria, confirmed by relevant documents.

1. The Website offers Users access to the Services and the ability to use the content of the Website, in accordance with the Rules and additional conditions published by the Administrator.
2. The Website provides Services enabling the Booking and conclusion of the Agreement.
3. By making a Booking, the User confirms that he has read the Regulations of the Handing Over, Use and Collection of the Apartment as well as the Privacy Policy. The administrator is not responsible for the consequences of providing false or incomplete information.

1. Each User may terminate the use of electronic services provided by the Administrator free of charge.
2. The administrator ensures the operation of the IT system that he uses in such a way as to prevent unauthorized access to the content of the message consisting of electronic services, in particular using cryptographic techniques.
3. The administrator ensures unambiguous identification of electronic service pages.
4. Using electronic services may involve risks. In order to eliminate or minimize such a threat, the User is obliged to take such appropriate measures so that they are sufficiently necessary to secure the device used by the Administrator's Website.
5. Information on the function and purpose of the software or data not belonging to the content of electronic services, entered into the ICT system used by the User is included in the Privacy Policy.
6. In order for the User to use the Administrator's Website, he should meet the following technical requirements. They are necessary to establish cooperation with the Administrator's ICT system:
a) Internet connection;
b) having a device that allows you to use an internet connection;
c) having a web browser that will allow displaying websites and access to the Administrator's Website, with support for SSL and JavaScript encrypted connections;
d) having a valid e-mail address.
16. The Administrator indicates that he reserves the right to interfere in the technical structure of the Customer Area in order to diagnose any irregularities or problems in the functioning of the Website.

1. To make a reservation, the User provides data: name and surname, email address, telephone, street, house number, zip code, city, country.
2. In order to make an apartment reservation, the User confirms that he has read the following:
a) Regulations of the Handing Over, Use and Collection of the Apartment,
b) Privacy Policy, Information obligation regarding the processing of personal data,
c) Model Agreement,
d) the rules of using the website,
e) The price appearing in the summary of his booking on the Website, including the apartment price, tourist tax, prepayment value,
f) What does the price in the booking include,
g) The rules of stay (check-in, check-out, deposit for the premises),
h) The rules for canceling a reservation, which depends on the offer chosen by the User,
i) A place to collect the keys,
j) Chooses the payment method.
3. After completing the reservation, the User receives a confirmation of the reservation to the active e-mail address provided by him.
4. In order to check the reservation he has made, an individual link for the User shall be indicated in the message sent to the User, to which the User may log in to check his reservation, its terms and contract.
5. The conclusion of the reservation agreement with the Website User is made in electronic form.
6. By paying the price specified in the booking conditions, the User accepts the terms of the Agreement. Menada will confirm to the User the conclusion of the contract.
7. After making the Booking, the Administrator provides a contract that is available in the Customer Area or in an e-mail received to the e-mail address provided.
8. Terms and methods of payment are available after making the Booking in the summary of the Booking, in the Customer Area and e-mail messages from the Website Administrator.
9. All prices on the Website are gross prices and include VAT.
10. The contract is carried out in accordance with the Regulations of the Handing Over, Use and Collection of the Apartment and other provisions contained in these Rules and documents attached to the Booking.

1. Withdrawal from the conclusion of the contract takes place in accordance with the booking conditions set out in the TERMS OF RUNNING, USE AND ACCEPTANCE OF THE APARTMENT.

1. Payments at are supported by Six Payments Polska and Przelewy24.
2. High security for card transactions is ensured by the use of strong transaction security - 3D Secure (Verified by VISA and MasterCard SecureCode), SSL EV (Secure Sockets Layer Extended Validation). The system ensures high security also thanks to the solution in which payment card numbers never reach the online store and, what is equally important, they are not stored anywhere. The customer is guaranteed that his card number is known only to him and his bank. Transaction security is ensured by using SSL VE.

1. The SSL certificate ensures the protection of websites and the confidentiality of data transmitted electronically. The algorithm used, with an encryption key length of 128 bits, is currently the safest and most popular of those used in common use. As a result, it is not possible to take over information transmitted via a secure website.
2. The certification body is Thawte.



Basic definitions of terms in the Regulations:
Apartment - a room or rooms rented by the Owner being its separate real estate in Bulgaria, intended for short-term stay of people, separated by permanent walls within the building, used for the purposes of the Visitors and Guests of the Owner.
Visitors - a legal entity or a natural person using the option of staying in the Owner's Suite.
Owner - a natural or legal person holding the right to a midwife's estate in Bulgaria, confirmed by relevant documents.
Menada - Owner support company in the organization of his rental and caring for the Apartment in Bulgaria.
Guset of the Owner - a natural or legal person using the possibility of staying in the Owner's Suite, notified by the Owner.
1. Menada takes care of the Apartment on behalf of the Owner.
2. The Visitor and Guest organizes their own travel, organization of the stay, board and insurance.
3. Booking of the Apartment can take place personally in the Menada office or via the Internet, or through the Partners of the Menada or through the Owner.
4. Payment for the apartment is made on the terms and conditions specified in the apartment reservation agreement and / or confirmation of booking / voucher. In the event of resignation from staying in the apartment, if the booking fee has been paid, it is a nonreturnable remuneration of Menada. Invoices are issued to the person making the Booking. The willingness to change data can be reported at the latest on the day of arrival.
5. If, due to reasons beyond the Menada, the Visitor delays the arrival or shortens their stay, no return for unused time is due.
6. Invoices are issued for the person making the Booking. The desire to change the data can be reported at the latest on arrival.
7. If the Visitor / Guest does not inform MENADA about the cancellation / cancellation of the reservation within the time specified in the booking conditions, then the total booking value is required.
8. If the Visitor / Guest would like to extend their stay, please contact the Menada office
9. In case of a confirmed change in the possibility of making a reservation in a given apartment, in particular, the date, number of people, Menada charges a handling fee specified in the booking conditions, and if there is no such fee, the fee is EUR 20
10. WORKING HOURS: The Menada office in Bulgaria and Poland operates from 11:00 to 22:00 Bulgarian time.
11. EMERGENCY CONTACT: 00 359 897 400 820.
12. Communication with the Visitor / Guest or Owner after the office hours can only be done by SMS to emergency contact.
13. The apartment is available to the Visitor, Guest on the day of arrival from 15.00 (Bulgarian time), and on the day of the Visitor's departure, the guest at the latest. 11.00 (Bulgarian time).
14. The apartment is put at the disposal of the Visitor for the duration of stay specified in the booking form / voucher or for the time agreed between the Guest and the Owner. Apartments, depending on the type and location, are furnished in the range specified in the booking process, in particular they can be: double / single bed with a mattress / folding armchair, table / kitchen table, chairs, kitchen cabinets. In addition, the apartment has ready-made bed linen, pillows, quilts, sheets, pillowcases and quilts, towels (medium and bath).
15. The apartment also has equipment specified in the booking process, in particular it may be: stove / hob, fridge, kitchen accessories (glasses, glasses, cutlery: table spoons, spoons, knives, forks, kitchen knives, pots, frying pan, plates) dinner plates, soup plates, cutting board, cups / mugs), trash can, clothes dryer, TV.
16. KEY ISSUE: Keys (and / or access cards) to the Apartment are issued to the Visitor, the Guest by an authorized employee of the cooperating Menada company at the Persani Complex, 8240 Sunny Beach, on the main street in Sunny Beach or in the indicated places or in the complexes themselves, depending on the location of the apartment and depending on the chosen conditions of the reservation. Keys (and / or access cards) to the apartment can be picked up at the earliest on the day of arrival from 15.00 (Bulgarian time) to 22.00. The exact check-out time will be determined at the time of check-in. Check-out is from 7:00 to 11:00.
17. After this time, the keys may be issued for an additional fee specified in the booking conditions or free of charge the next day from 9.00.
18. Handing over the keys (and / or access card) to the Visitor follows presentation of the booking form / voucher from the cooperating travel agency, Internet portal, Menada or after written (e-mailed) information from the Owner about the arrival of his Guest and after the final settlement.
19. Upon receipt of the keys, the Visitor pays a deposit of the amount specified in the booking conditions, but not less than EUR 50 to cover possible damage to the apartment. The deposit is returned on the day of departure from the Apartment when you hand over the keys, unless there have been any damages to the apartment. Does not apply to the Visitors of Apartments in Tsarevo, where the apartment is checked by the cleaning service in a given complex, checked by the Manager on the basis of the interview and telephone contact with the given facility. Menada may demand deposit payment before arrival and settle the deposit upon departure of the Visitor /Guest.
20. After receiving the keys (and / or access card), the Visitor checks the condition of the premises and its equipment. In case of noticing serious irregularities or damages, this should be reported immediately (on the day of arrival) to the Menada office - by SMS to the emergency contact given above.
21. KEY DETAILS: Leaving the apartment and passing the keys (and / or access card) takes place no later than 11.00 (Bulgarian time) on the day of departure. Visitors, Guest, Owner waits in the apartment for a colleague of Menada, to collect the premises and keys together, unless the booking conditions or arrival specified otherwise. The exact conditions and time of the accommodation is determined on the day of arrival of the Visitor / Guest.
22. Menada's employees check the condition of apartments located in the vicinity of Sunny Beach, Aheloy, St. Vlas, Elenite, Nesseber, Ravda, Sozopol together with the Visitor, the guest at the moment of taking the keys. For apartments located in other towns, checking the condition of the apartment and its equipment takes place with the participation of persons authorized by the manager. In case of noticing any shortages or damage - not reported by the Visitor or Guest Menada will notify the visitor or the guest and the agreement of the parties will call him to explain the situation and / or immediately remedy the damage.
23. The time of departure each time must be determined with the Visitors at the time of picking up the keys, but normally it cannot be earlier than 7 o'clock in the morning. It is possible to leave the apartment before 7 o'clock for an additional fee of 10 Euro also upon prior notification. Does not apply to guests in Tsarevo.
24. Failure to return the keys (and / or access card) on the above principles will result in a contractual penalty of EUR 50 for each hour of delay (cost of reorganizing the cleaning, compensation for New Visitors, Guests awaiting the release of the Apartment). The Visitor, the Guest, the Owner, signing these Regulations, fully accepts the information about the above-mentioned costs and, in the event of a delay, undertakes to pay a contractual penalty.
25. In the event of damage to the furniture or equipment of the Apartment during its use during a stay in Bulgaria by the Guest, Visitor, his family / friends or Owner, this fact should be reported to the Menada office in Bulgaria and there to pay the price of the damaged or lost item. You can also buy equipment on your own.
26. If the refusal to repair the damage caused in the Apartment, Menada will call the Bulgarian police unit to the scene and formally report the occurrence of the damage. Visitors are obliged to immediately report any damage caused by themselves / family / friends during their stay in accordance with the rules set out in the remaining sections. The equivalent of these damages and their removal is covered by Visitors / Guest.
27. Exemplary market prices of the most important pieces of equipment that could be destroyed EUR: stove / hot plate 110 euro, sheet 15; fridge 210; quilt 30; kettle 15; quilt cover 15; set of pots/frying pan 50; pillow case 10; iron (if equipped) 35; pillow 10; ironing board (if equipped) 20; bath towel 15; TV 350; medium towel 10 In the event of damage or destruction of other elements, the market price of the item is determined with the Visitors. The Visitor, by signing these Regulations, fully accepts information about the above costs.
28. Complaints from Visitors should be reported in writing to the Menada office in Poland. The complaint shall be immediately forwarded to the Owner of the real estate and after receiving the answer from him transferred to the Visitor. Complaints from guests are processed directly by the owner.
29. Returns and / or complaints can only be made if the Visitors / Guests do not receive substitute apartments of the same or a higher value or standard. Returns and / or acknowledgments of complaints will not be accepted if Visitors / Guests refuse to accept substitute proposals of the same or a higher value or standard.

1. The number of people who have to live in the apartment is limited to the one indicated on the voucher / booking form. Visitors will not arbitrarily increase it. Persons not included in the Voucher cannot stay in the apartment from 22.00 to 6.00. The number of Owner's Guests is determined with the Owner.
2. Visitors, the Owner of the Owner's Apartment may not sublet it to third parties, even if the period for which they paid the fee due for the stay has not expired.
3. The person responsible for handing over the Apartment may refuse to provide the Visitor with keys (and / or access cards) if the number of persons exceeds the number of persons specified on the voucher / booking form or is inconsistent with the number of guests given to the Owner by the Owner.
4. Menada reserves the right not to issue keys (and / or access cards) to persons under the influence of alcohol, intoxicants or posing an imminent threat to other people and property or in case of refusal to provide personal data for the purpose of registering guests with Bulgarian law
5. The visitor, the Guest is obliged to take care of the principles of good neighborhood, adapt to the rules applicable in a given complex (including the Regulations of the Complex), maintain the Apartment in the existing state, and to use the Apartment as intended. In the event of a material breach of these Regulations (eg default, failure to pay a guarantee deposit, devastation of the Apartment and its equipment), public or unacceptable behavior that hinders intercourse with other users of the Complex), Menada may terminate the Apartment reservation immediately before the date of departure. without notice and refund of the payment made.
6. The visitor, the guest is obliged to properly secure the apartment, which means the accurate closing of the entrance door and windows each time he leaves, and careful storage of keys (and / or access cards) without access to unauthorized persons.
7. In the case of loss of keys (and / or access card), the Visitor bears the penalty of EUR 50 (the cost of making a new key, / and access card, changing the lock in the door, the cost of the lock exchange service).
8. The Visitor's duties also include leaving washed dishes and kitchen utensils before leaving. Failure to do so results in a contractual penalty of EUR 15.
9. An earlier unreasonable departure of the Visitor, without the transfer of the Apartment with the participation of Menada, may result in compensation claims on its part, including failure to return the deposit taken.
10. During the quiet hours from 22.00 - 6.00 Visitors, the Guest staying in the Apartments are obliged to behave in a manner that does not disturb the peace of other guests and residents of the property. Guest / Visitor is obliged to comply with all orders issued by the Manager or Manager of the complex in which the Apartment is located.
11. The visitor, the Guest acknowledges that the Apartment is subject to protection provided by specialized companies, which in the case of disturbing the silence of the night, or the use of the Apartment contrary to the purpose, have the duty and the possibility of intervening. The visitor, the Guest acknowledges, the possibility of entering the apartment by authorized Menada employees, including in the absence of the Guest / Visitor, for inspection purposes, cleaning (including cleaning) and if it is necessary to remove equipment failures or infrastructure in which premises or premises neighbors are equipped, as well as to prevent damage that may occur in it.
12. Visitors, the Guest is obliged to comply with fire regulations. Apartments are strictly non-smoking. Due to fire safety, it is forbidden to use in the Apartments heaters and other electrical appliances that do not belong to the Apartment. This does not apply to chargers and power supplies, audio and video devices.

13. Menada is not responsible:
a) for loss or damage of money, securities, valuables, valuable items belonging to the Visitor, Guest;
b) for damage or loss of a car or other vehicle belonging to the Visitor, Guest;
c) for inconveniences related to construction, renovation, modernization, finishing works, etc., which may take place in neighboring Apartments, as well as outside them;
d) for inconvenience or unpleasantness occurring during stay in the apartment, the object resulting from the lack of infrastructure in a given locality (water supply, electricity) or maintenance or repair of equipment.
e) for inconvenience in the performance of the contract caused by actions or omissions of the Visitor, Guest, for acts or omissions of third parties not participating in the contract, if these actions or omissions could not be predicted or avoided, or by force majeure.
14. In the event of events of force majeure, Menada reserves the right to propose to the Visitor the Guest of the Alternative Suite. This also applies to cases in which the personal safety of the Visitor, Guest or his property, for reasons beyond Menad's control, cannot be guaranteed.
15. In the event of inconvenience or unpleasantness occurring during the stay in the apartment, Menada will make every effort to ensure that the Visitor, performing the contract in a selected apartment or a substitute apartment of the same or higher standard (price).
16. The Visitor, the Guest declares that he / she has been informed that personal data will be processed in connection with the implementation of these Regulations, statistical and marketing purposes.
17. At the same time, the Visitor / Guest accepts the acceptance and application of the TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF PURCHASING, USE AND RECEPTION OF THE APARTMENT to the full extent including within the scope of applying the rules of receipt and passing the keys (and / or access card) and the Apartment, maintaining the premises in proper condition, and repairing any damage in the premises, if such damage took place, by signing the relevant reservation document.

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